A very needed Face palm

For the very first time, since I began to understand languages, I felt my eyes tear at the end of a sappy English drama and for your kind information, I wasn’t even watching Titanic. While pondering over this insane attitude of mine, I found out in a sudden moment of Eureka that I didn’t break down because of the emotional drama, it was because somewhere in my sub conscious I knew, that with the end of that drama the safety bubble I’ve constructed around me would burst and reality would abruptly intrude, thrusting upon me that there are going to be thousands of phone calls tomorrow, from a second after I lay my eyes on my results or even before that, because some may take the liberty to announce my results to me.

I’m in no way afraid of tomorrow’s results but the scenario of the Pandora’s Box to be opened tomorrow in the society around me is what that makes my teeth chatter.

While pondering through this issue we can in no way sidestep the elephant in the room.

For what exactly are these marks necessary?

“What the hell kind of question is that..It decides your future” is the one and only answer we hear.

I would like to make a point exactly clear here, we are going to live in this Earth for sixty years or so and many other species share this place along with us. And by the way, no being with a sense of reasoning can live with the moto of “me, mine, me, mine” but that is exactly what some have been doing for so long that they had atlast even managed to bring down a rational society. And the first place they had attacked was ‘education’, which was once called ‘the key to wisdom’ and which is currently a very thriving sector with miscalculations and bullshit psychologies.

Where did we exactly lose this ‘passion of learning’ to a ‘ritual of studying’ is a question still unanswered.

This point is the birth place of ‘The Death of Humanity’.

When such a basic field gets manipulated in its ideologies and the passion for learning is subdued by the art of studying, when the principles and great thinkings bend to the will of some misconceptual people and education becomes a business, when it becomes as nothing but a tool to pump you money, that is when the mighty ‘concept of ME’ emerges and that is when humanity dies, fraternity dies, joy dies.

And dear relatives and well wishers, Please don’t make a poor child settle…let her LIVE…

For God’s sake Learn… don’t Study.

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