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Facebook and Instagram will now offer tools for users to manage time.

Zucky has sworn by his words. Facebook has announced new tools to manage your time on Facebook and Instagram. As a consumer, it could mean a more intentional use of these platforms.

However, for startups like you, it equates to a further decline in organic reach of your brand.

As the tech world continues to debate on ‘Time Well Spent,’ it’s time that small business owners like you understood its implications.

Today, let’s pull the curtains on ‘Time Well Spent’ and how it affects the news feed. …

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While growing up, your parents likely told you that you’re UNIQUE. You might have been encouraged to embrace your distinct personality and feel comfortable in your skin.

Sure, you’re unlike anyone in this world.

But there’s a slight problem when you extrapolate the ‘uniqueness’ slant to your life. You put yourself on a pedestal and consider that your challenges are special.

I hate to break it you, but your fears, flaws, and insecurities aren’t unique. Neither are your desires and your world-view. Indeed, our behaviors as a species are highly predictable.

When you analyze events in retrospect, you’ll find that their order is repetitive. The everyday problems you run into have transpired millions of times before. …

Social media and newspapers have increasingly gotten us obsessed with fame, material wealth, and authority.

That’s what success is understood as by most people. Going by that — success has a definite shape and same characteristics for all of us.

Until a couple of years ago, I sniffed off ambitionless creatures.

I felt that if you’re not aiming for the stars, then it’s probably not worthwhile to live. All the while, I was passively consuming inspirational stories, articles, and movies (how ironic?)

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Why do smart people fall into such loop of passive reading?

The adrenaline rush.

It can alone feed ambitious people and make them believe that seeking peace, stability, and quiet life is for pussies. …


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