The world- a living Rubik’s cube
Killada Amrutha

One of the best,may be the best,of the articles I read about the equality on all diversities — — colour,caste,creed,religion ,region etc;

At first couldn’t be able to figure out what the f*** Rubik’s cube relates to human values but later realise the writer didn’t the drive on the correct path to explain but the create the new one to imbue(imbued is better word than explain)felt like watching ‘Christipher Nolan' brain storming movies(puzzles alike) — — INCEPTION,I NTERSTELLAR.

Human values,humanity,equality are critical and mind boggling concepts to present through a philosophical thought to different ideological differences difficult but the author makes it look so easy — — Roger Federer playing tennis alike.Comparison may be a bit exaggeration,but convincing though .

Wonderful article to read.

Hope you’ll write(sorry,imbue)it more.