The removal of USB ports.
Requiem for a Headphone Jack
M.G. Siegler

This was hardly favorable. Not everything Apple does is right or preferred. USB & the 3.5mm headphone jack are the most ubiquitous ports in pretty much any CE device. There are literally Millions of accessories that work across these ports on multiple platforms.

As a consumer purchasing process is far simpler, requiring less research into what works with my device.

Having said that, I understand the rationale —

  1. Moving to lightning port offers power & better fidelity. Hence Active noise canceling headphones can have a smaller form factor and better quality.
  2. It’s possible to pack in a nice DAC in the iPhone to improve the quality as well.
  3. Waterproofing — This is pretty straightforward. But somehow Samsung has done it without requiring the removal of the port. So this is not a must.
  4. Thinner phone — It does play into Apple’s obsession of building a thinner device

Removing the port is not the solution to Apple’s poor quality tangling earpods. There is no guarantee that their lightning earpods won’t tange. This seems like a wrong rationale altogether.

To remove the port also means, I now either have to upgrade my expensive headphones or carry around another over-priced adapter! Besides, I won’t be able to charge my phone while listening to music or watching a movie. This is a quite common use case.

It’s hardly a clear decision as you think it is. If they are going to sell this, then Phil Schiller will have to cook up some epic mumbo jumbo, similar to what they did with #Siri.

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