Three interesting colleagues I have met in this Bootcamp

Once before, I had this timid and introvert kind of personality. Relating intimately with friends and strangers as well, was as difficult for me as were a primary one(1) pupil, told to solve a question from engineering mathematics textbook. It was really that hard for me.

As time went on, I realized how much a negative impart it was on me, considering how important “effective communication” is in the life of every human being. Communication with people — be it friends, family relatives or even strangers — brings about an intellectual comprehension, on the way and manner people think and react to certain circumstances or situations. Unknown to me, I had lacked — not just the way and manner people think and relate to issues — the most important thing of all, GROWTH.

While I grew in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, English and the rest of them, Human Relationship Building was stunted. Individually, we are blessed with thoughts, ideas and concepts unique to us. Effective communication with one another through relationship building, can foster great growth as we are able to share ideas and learn from each other, for the betterment of not just we as individuals, but for the society at large.

My realization of these facts, prompted me for a change. I needed to be able to express myself, create bonds, share ideas and as well, learn from my friends, colleagues, family relatives and strangers. I decided to get myself involved in smaller groups of people, so as to be given responsibilities, which in turn, has improved my personality, by making me a more outspoken individual. I was able to break that barrier as i can now express myself comfortably, create friends with zero stress margin, share ideas, learn and as well, establish exciting moments of great fun with all manner of persons.

My first day on bootcamp, was awesome. I met lots of people of different personalities from different ethnic backgrounds across the country. As it wasn’t a hard thing for me anymore, I blended instantly, making a quite number of awesome friends to have and share great ideas with. I found three(3) colleagues most interesting working with. They are:

Kingsley Ibeh: ‘Kings’ , as I often call him, has a great personality. I met him prior to the bootcamp on the day of interview. We sat close to each other, as we instantly connected and raised discussions about previous bootcamp experiences. As big as he may appear physically, Kings is very humble and will always want to share the little or much he knows about something. He is always willing to learn from anybody.

Oladipo Ebenezer: The most funny guy I know on bootcamp. ‘Ebenez baba’, as I often refer him as, is a very easy going person. He just love to create fun and make people feel comfortable around him. He is gifted, intelligent, humble and handsome as well. One thing I love about him the most is that, he always puts he best to tackle and find his way out of difficult challenges.

Chukwukadibia Durugo: Chuks’, my bootcamp sitting partner, is one of a kind I must confess. He is exceptionally gifted, intelligent and friendly. He has a heart of love. He, at certain instances, places himself in one’s shoes, trying to help out in every best possible way he can. As with the others — Kings and Ebenez baba — he is humble and down to earth. I am really going to learn a lot from him as time goes on.

I will forever cherish these guys and every other awesome friends and colleagues on bootcamp. Thanks to Andela, for making me meet and share great moments with such incredible personalities. I hope to create interesting things with them all. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Andela rocks!!!

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