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In class today what I really picked up on things like reasons for wanting to be a leader, as well as the positive and problematic characteristics of being a leader. This module basically altogether, is centered around the ideas of accountability ans responsibility when it comes to leadership.

What are some reasons that individuals may want to be leaders?

  1. Money/Prize
  2. Recognition
  3. The need to actually want to help people
  4. Power

Money maybe because they are materialistic. Or maybe because they may have wants and needs that being a leader can afford them. Recognition because maybe they are a person who focuses on status, maybe this leader wants all of the praise. The need to want to help people. The meaning that one may feel as though their purpose is to become a leader just so that they can help others, even though I feel as thought to do this you dont really have to be a leader, but for some this is the only way they can help others. And finally, Power. Some people just like that Idea of controlling others, of having complete control over another and the only way that they know how is by being the Head Hancho.

Then we talked about the positive and problematic traits with being a leader. We discussed this type of leader in two ways:

  1. A problem with being a leader is really knowing who you are. Meaning you might not neccessarily understand yourself. It’s a deeper way of thinking kind of. You might be so fixated on those who look up to you, and you might be so invested in them that you forget time to grow and understand one’s self.
  2. Gradiosity is basically when leaders speak on more of what they know of. This is seen as a positive characteristic because when you speak on facts and what you know you are able to properly guide as well as, ensure the people you are guiding on what maybe going on. Just like how Donald Trump was meant to be talking about Syria but instead he spoke on Iraq, which is not only misinformation, but it shows your flaws as a leader and how you dont take what you are doing seriously.

And finally we spoke on responsibility and accountability. This goes back actually to Odysseus and how he felt a the end of the day responsible for the death of his men because he didn’t focus his on his goal of coming home even when his men advised him to continue. When we talk on accountability this would basically be the people seeing him as the reason for the death of his men and not only do they critisize him but they also hold him responsible.

Plutarch the Feminist



Location: Ilab

Have you noticed that Plutarch main topics are mostly women. Well I didn’t know but Dr.Sandgride does LOL. He makes women his primary focus especially in the Moralia, which basically means the virtues of women. Later texts basically, are seen as a continuation in which, he meets with his friend Clea on the grounds of their friend Leotis death. Clea also happened to be, a main topic of one of Plutarch other essays, On Isis and Orisis. Proving the point that he likes making women the topic of his discussions.

The text, the Virtues of Women which we focused on consists of:

  1. 27 Anecdotes
  2. It ranges from 1st century BCE (Mythological Time), to touching the times of Greece, Persia, Africa, and Italy.
  3. Each one of these tales includes records of moments whereby women whether individually or in groups gained power within their communities and also restored civil order.

The purpose of this was to prove that indeed the virtue of a man and a woman can both actually be the same. So in a way, Plutarch is a defender of women, someone I wish we had now when it came to women and holding high positions of power within the political hemisphere. So in a way yes, Plutarch is a feminist. He wanted the story of women to be told.

Plutarch Virtues of Women (Preface)



Location: Some Empty Classroom

Within this preface, Plutarch is talking to Clea and expresses to her that he is nothing like Thucydides who believes that the best women is one who is the least spoken and should be one who is kept inside and not about. But Plutarch believes that Gorgias displays better taste in advising that it should not be the form of the woman that should be taken into consideration, but instead that her fame and all that she does should be known to many. Plutarch further praises Leotis and feels as though is one of the most excellent women but comes to a point whereby he needs to express, that women and men both can be virtuous.

Plutarch then discusses poetry as a facet that both men and women can accomplish, and that also, when the two works by the two genders are compared, when put side by side the lives, actions, and great works together, can on tell if the characterisitcs are the same, such as that of Samiramis.

Understanding the Virtues of Women and their Modes of Influences in Groups



Location: Ilab

When discussing the virtues of women and their modes of influence is groups we can take a few senarios into consideration.

  1. Trojan Women

Women and men had escaped from Troy. At this time during their escape, they had to weather all types of storms which landed them in Italy and while men wondered due to inexperience from navigation, they were in search for information in which could helped them but it dawned onto their women that inorder for them to be happy, they need to successfully build on land, and form some form of settled habilitation. For this is better than wandering and that their must be a creation of a fatherland since they had ran away from their own. These women then decided the need to burn their ships, and Roma took the lead. When their men noticed that their ships were on fire they ran to try and save then but their women greeted them with kisses in hopes to reduce their anger . These men finally understood the neccessity and since they were accepted with open arms they came to terms with what had been done by these women and agreed on it.

2. The Persian Woman

This discusses the battle between, Cyrus and the Persians who revolted form King Astyages and how they were defeated. It was during the flee of the Persians this time that the women met them before the city, lifted up their garments and expressed to their men how much of a coward they were for running away. These men were mortified of their sight and the whole idea of them being cowards, reapproached their enemies. And because of this it became sort of a custom that whenever the king rode into each woman were to receive a gold coin and Cyrus was the king who enforced this law. Ochos howeer wouldn’t pass the city directly as to make sure these women didn’t get their coin, whereas when it came to that of Alexander, entered the city twice, and gave those women who had kin a double amount of what they were getting.

The Special Power of the Individual Woman



Location: Ilab

Within this Module I will pick two women who I feel as though caught my attention the most;

  1. Chiomara (Crazy how I thought this was my name LOL!!!)

Chiomara was the wife of, Ortiagon and was made a prisoner along with, the rest of the Romans under Gnaeus overcame in battle of the Galatians in Asia. The soldier to captured her used his good fortune to dishonor her. He was naturally ignorant and without self control when it came to things such as money and also pleasure. He loved money so much that he was offered a price for Chiomara and he took it because that is how greedy he was. He intended to sell the her to the Galatians and when he crossed the boundary to collect the money in exchange for her, she indicated with just a nod to one man, that he should kill the Roman as he was affectionately taking disadvantage of her. The man quickly took his head off of his body, she picked it up and wrapped it within her clothes and took off. She went back to her husband and showed him the head and while amazed, he let her know that nobility and fidelity go hand in hand, but she expressed that only one man that she has been intimate with can be alive.

Funny thing is that women are actually like this in real life in the sense that this would be seen as rape, but this need to fight for self respect. Chiomara felt as though, her way of getting respect is cutting that mans head off. While I wouldn’t have done that I would have expressed what I went through in hopes of receiving justice, that’s what good leaders do, we look for justice.

2. Pieria

A few Ionians who had come to Miletus and had some disagreements with Neilius had gone away to Myus and had settled there in which they had suffered many ills by the Milesians. In return this caused war, but it was not without truce that women were able to go from Miletus to Myus. It was amongst these people of Mysus that, a man named Pythes who had a wife named, Iapygia and a daughter named Pieria. During this time there was a festival in honor of Artemis and a sacrifice which they called Neleis. His wife an daughter asked to participate and had sent them on their way. Neileus had son’s in which Phrygius fell in love with Pieria he thought about what he could do to make her feel pleased. All that she asked was that she could come to their current place often Phrygius knew, that what she requested for was peace. Both cities had honored Pieria to the point that the women of Miletus pray that their husbands may love them like the way Phrygius loved Pieria to the point whereby he would end a war just for her.

This make me thing of all facets of capabilities that women have. Even by just being innocent and having pure attention Pieria was able to make a man who loved her stop a war just because he loved her and she asked. As women we have come to an understanding that men love us, after all what would they do without us. But we know its to the point whereby we have a advantage and can control men from all angles.

Class Reflection



Location: Founders

In class today we focused on the virtues of women and their leadership roles according to Plutarch. We also spoke on the role of civility in leadership. We brought up the question, Can we agree with being friends with people we have different values than? The answer to that is it depends on exactly what their values are and for what reasons are the worst kinds of values acceptable.

Can a person be friends with someone who they don’t agree with? I used and example with me and my boyfriend and how we disagree all the time but he is still my friend and someone I care for cause at the end of the day everyone is different, and we all disagree on different things, but as long as it doesn’t make us bad people then we can disagree all we want and still be friends at the end of the day. This actually reminds me of when President Obama was visiting a state whereby he had protesters who disagreed with him. Instead of kicking him our he accepted his opinion, allowed him to express it, and also showed concern to his own beliefs.

The truth is that the world is big and as global leaders we all need to understand how big this world is and that in order for one to change and enhance the life of others there needs to be an understanding that we need to seek new information from different outlets and be able to also embrace something new cause that is the only way the world works, hence embracing something new also means new leadership in which women can also be in control.

What also needs to be understood is that for anything to prosper, there is a need for civil discourse for the only way to grow is to talk amongst one another, not talking about things doesn’t help the situation at all.

We also spoke on a few women in groups according to Plutarch. We talked about Tellusilla. (I think I spelled that right, LOL). She not only commanded an army, but it was said that women acted like men, disrespected their husbands and even if they had beards they were still expected to lay with their husbands at night.

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