From Neo-Confederate to Antifa
Ignatius Only

“ Antifa is literally standing between white supremacists and their goal of killing or deporting huge sections of our country’s population.”

At times, they may do this; but it isn’t clear to me that is ‘all’ they do. While they managed to cast themselves the heroes at Charlottesville, I can only cast them as villains at Berkley. The other challenge is you will likely find one set of Antifa to be fairly ‘well to your liking,’ but another set to be ‘problematic.’ Did you like what they did on January 20? My wife and I were headed to the Women’s March on the 21 while the reports started rolling in on radio. She was thinking of us turning back. Luckily, I had stumbled across the DisruptJ20 web site prior to leaving, and while I thought it was a ‘satire’ site at the time, I realized it wasn’t as we were driving in. I convinced her that the Women’s march would likely be ‘safe enough’ from that we should go. I spotted a few folks in Black Block garb at the women’s March, but as they seemed to be keeping to themselves, I settled for giving them the stink eye. I can tell you the Democrats talking about the DisruptJ20 folks on the evening on Jan 21 on the local DC NPR station didn’t have kind words for them.

“It’s obvious that Neo-Nazis, the Alt-Right, or whatever else they call themselves do not.”

So… you are spot on there. What we need to do is realize we do NOT have to choose between Antifa and Neo-Nazi’s. There is a course down the middle; and it does require us to take a stand against the Neo-Nazi/Alt-right, but we need to make sure we do not embrace Stalin in the fight against Hitler. Let’s find our Churchhill, if you don’t mind my stretching the metaphor one step further.

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