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Ben Shapiro isn’t likely to be much of an alt-right leader; might consider Milo Y. as he’s picked up Breibart, but I’ll confess that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand. Spencer… well. I’m content we agree he’s a nut case for the moment.

Missed word… Hey… it happens. So I’m going to comment against “ The problem is when we start bringing in people who wish for their freedom, but do not want others to have the same liberty. Those are people we should not be importing to our own detriment…. at least in my opinion.”

Ok. So, if a Mexican Catholic came up to do work via H-2A visas to work at the Trump Winery you’d be ‘ok’ with it because you’d assume they are agreeable with others having freedom, but if a Mexican Muslim arrived via the same path, you’d be disagreeable because you would assume they do not support such?