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K. I should probably give Milo a closer look over. I ignored him due to his association to Breitbart and the tendency of the young republicans to invite him in. I didn’t think of Ben S. as alt-right at all; but you brought him up apparently because some folks did…. ‘goes to show’.

“Now, if there is a provable need for a skill, I don’t care what religion they are”

“Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, between 70–90 H-2B visas have been requested per year since 2008 for jobs with a starting pay between $10 and $12 an hour. As recently as July, the club requested nearly 80 H-2B visas for housekeepers, waiters and cooks for the Palm Beach resort and for the Trump National Jupiter golf course, also in Florida.”

Yeh, I wish Trump the President would get as tough with Trump the Business man as he has with his other ‘heroic job saving’ efforts. You’d think they’d be able to get together. Just driving down the cost of labor.

“but we should have vetting in place to ensure they are not ideologically insane”

It’s not clear to me what sort of vetting these sorts of visa holders get. They are also notorious for overstaying and becoming illegal.

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