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Not everything is about Republicans Vs Democrats: antifa.

Well written. A couple points.

“The alt right are black lives matter for white identity politics”

The white supremacist aspect of alt-right (well, not that there’s much else left to alt-right I can see) is pretty clear they want to put out or down all other races; while I see the core of the BLM as it currently exists interested in achieving parity.

You seem to be more ‘up’ on the antifa than I am. Do you perceive the black bloc in DC J20 the ‘same group as’ the black bloc at Berkley; or are they both just ‘generally’ antifa?

Both incidents seem to have a heavy overtone of anarchy. Is this because they now perceive the US government as fascist after this last election, or has this been a theme with them for a while?

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