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Pondering Morality….

From a post a while back to another Medium member…

You wrote… “Unlike a dogmatic religion or ideology, objectivity evolves.” I also recall (can’t find a link, if I mis-recall please advise) you reject Moral and Cultural relativism.

By ‘evolves’, does this mean ‘as new facts come in, one would potential adjust what one considers right or wrong? If not, can you recast this for me?

If I have this right, then we’d have a basic challenge that if you had two folks in different cultures who have been presented/available to them different ‘facts’ they will likely reach different conclusion; the rectification of which would be a rational exchange of information, assessment of ‘fact’, leading to a single set of ‘recognized’ fact, leading to a rectified moral assessment?

If I have that right, I ‘get’ it ‘in principle’, but… you put 6 rabbis in a room, you will end up with 7 opinions. I’m not sure that ‘in practice’ you’d do any better with an equivalent set of practicions of (sorry, didn’t catch if this philosophy as a name).

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