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You are too funny. I had to look up Semolina. The funny thing is, probably more folks know what a Pastafarian is than a Deist.

“computer based implicit bias” K, just curious. As I took the test, I could ‘feel’ some of the bias as cognitive dissonance which I actually had to fight a hair. While the test said I came back without bias in that space, it was only achieved via certain mental gymnastics. I suspect I have a slight white over black bias the test ‘missed’.

Regarding the weapons testing… the weapons test I was referring to was just another of the implicit bias tests on the same web page. Basically, it was a “Do you associate weapons ‘more closely’ to Whites or to Blacks.” The test you describe sounds very different.

For the testing you are discussing… I’ve taken just enough martial arts training to ‘get’ your comments about how folks react to training Vs real life. I’m still hopeful I won’t have to put my (now very rusty) training to effect in real life. Point taken on the training set you are describing. Thanks for sharing.

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