Is America (Really) Collapsing?
umair haque

Everything that has a beginning, has an end.

America is changing, and the question for its citizens is how we manage and direct the change.

History provides useful examples.

Rome for example, handled the change from empire to small feudal state badly.

Great Britain on the other hand, handled its transformation from the Empire under Victoria, to a modern healthy democracy under Elizabeth II pretty well.

Describing the changes occurring now as “collapse” while technically correct, brings a set of loaded dice to the game.

It assumes some sort of golden age, some Olympian height from which we are tumbling.

But as the author points out, there are many metrics by which we can measure the state of a society; Isn’t it possible, even likely that the metrics can go in different directions at once?

Which means there are multiple futures for us to choose from, many different ways that we can respond to events such as the rise of China as an economic power, increasing automation, climate change, and so on.

I can foresee for example, an America that has a much smaller military footprint while remaining an economic superpower; or conversely, emulating Russia and remaining a military superpower while its economy crumbles.

Both scenarios can accurately be described as a “collapse” yet one is preferential to the other.