How to Make Change Happen
Shaun King

I think its also important not to be disheartened by the swirling clouds of confusion and chaos in movement for change;

All movements- Civil Rights, feminism, gay rights- all had competing groups of activists clamoring that the others were doing it wrong, or that the real issue is this thing over here, as well as the outside groups that blunted progress simply by concern trolling (see the letter from Birmingham Jail).

Its OK. The main thrust of the message can get out and be heard and still affect that squishy middle of persuadables.

Because the core message of progressives is actually deeply embedded within all the world’s major faith traditions, and can be found even in the Burkean “traditionalists” who resist change of any type.

Most people already are partway there- we just need to help them make the last leg of the journey.

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