Understanding US politics circa 2017
Michael B. Wong

Very perceptive comments, about the tension between the transformative and managerial leaders.

A lot of liberals found it baffling that there existed a sizable number of voters who were torn between Trump and Sanders since they seemed polar opposites, but by viewing them both as different flavors of transformative leader, it makes sense.

Just as the Reagan orthodoxy and coalition is crumbling, so must the anti-Reagan Clintonite centrism. Bill Clinton achieved victory only by co-opting much of the Reagan dogma and repudiating the old LBJ/ FDR model.

While predictions are hard, especially about the future it seems obvious that there is a massive re-alignment going on.

When I hear rabid Trump partisans bitterly complaining about the Wall Street elite and crony capitalism and Clinton supporters talking about “tax reform” and free market trade I get political whiplash.

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