Make Something From ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!

In the past few years of my life, I’ve grown to find myself collecting objects that most people would consider “junk” that has taken up nearly all the space in my room, my porch, and even my car. I hope to make something out of all this junk. I want to make furniture, armor, light fixtures, tapestries, paintings, art, and several other extremely specific or unique projects. The ideas are endless and ever-growing. I may sometimes need the tools, materials, and knowledge to create what I want, but as far as I know, I have plenty of materials to get me started.

When I was growing up, my dad was a carpenter and worked on counter tops and kitchen cabinets among other furnishings. I had always been around some sort of form of creation. I even grew from playing with blocks to playing with Lego blocks and erector sets. I had always had fun playing but I never thought I could be paid for what I did. I never thought i could make a career from my hobbies until I looked online and found Jimmy Diresta.

Just a peek into the window of Jimmy Direstas creations.

I Found Jimmy in the form of a YouTube video. Among the several project videos I found of his, there wasn’t a single video that didn’t have me instantly excited and inspired to create something of my own. he makes chairs, tables, benches, knives axes, and even an AK-47 guitar. Jimmy is my spark. He’s the one that made me realize how useful skills and “useless junk” or “garbage” could potentially become another mans treasure. But of course I didn’t have nearly as much skill or experience as Jimmy and I don’t know if I ever will, but God knows I’ll try. No, Jimmy is at to high of a level.

When I found my experience was lacking but still wanted to make cool stuff, I did what anyone would do… I kept looking for projects. Again on the internet, I found Eli Lachus, or as he is know online ZedNaughtAlpha (or ZNA Productions). Eli makes weapons and armor out of very unconventional objects, such as a shield made from a broken satellite dish, a pair of gauntlets made from old ice skates, a bow out of fiberglass rods and PVC pipe, several suits of varying armor types, and several bludgeoning weapons that are considered outlandish yet affective (against concrete blocks, watermelons, and pumpkins of course). Eli’s content is clean and child friendly, Just as Jimmy’s content and creations are clean and somewhat family friendly. Despite how cool Eli’s work and creations are, he started as a kid, just like me. He’s been working with tools and making several other crafts since he was twelve years old. I figure if he can make such pieces and almost completely live off his craft, than I might have more reason to do what I love. Not only is he young, but he shares my faith and morals to a point that I am even MORE inspired to create art through tools or weapons. I gradually found inspiration, ideas, and some tools and materials at my disposal. At this point I figured there was only one thing that could get in the way of my creative abilities… is money.

Money, the root of all evil as most people say, is all that lies in my way. Once I figured money might get in the way, I tried to find a cheep and lasting art form that I could grow into. Some of the easiest and most amazing art pieces I had seen were actually paintings. I am specifically interested in nature oil paintings and abstract spray paint art. the artists the come to mind are the world renown easy going Bob Ross and a particularly high energy, all-over-the-place artist by the name of Porfirio Jimenez.

“There’s no such as a mistake, only happy accidents.” -Bob Ross.

Bob Ross calms me down. I hope that makes sense. His work amazes and inspires me just as all the work in this presentation, but his work and his words of wisdom brings me back to Earth, so to speak. his inspirational phrases and iconic soft spoken presentation make you feel at home, calm, at peace even. He may be so soft spoken on his Public Broadcasting show: The Joy of Painting because he made a vow as a man in the Navy to never yell or raise his voice for as long as he lived. his life abroad traveling from Florida to Colorado and even the most northern parts of Alaska almost grant me an unquenchable thirst for travel. I say almost because the landscape nature paintings he puts onto canvas are just breathtaking enough to make me sit back and almost never want to look away.

I will Bob, and I’m glad you’re a part of my world.

Porfirio Jimenez is almost out of this world; or at least it seams that way according to some of his paintings. unlike Bob Ross, Porfirio is very active and somewhat crazy in his videos; spraying sporadically and with energy. both these artists are very passionate about their work, but they just express it in different ways and with different materials. Weather your painting with a brush or a can, even weather you use an easel and canvas or poster board, round pot lids, and news paper, it doesn't matter. Whatever you do and however you do it, just be sure you are making something new, something different, something with passion behind it. Make a sword, a shield, a chair a table, a lamp, a sculpture, a novel, a poem, or even make a digital art piece. just as long as I am living, I will always have inspiration and resources to make something new.