Chip Ervin — Types of DJ’s

Chip Ervin, or DJ Chip Hop, has DJ’d for many events throughout his career. Mr. Ervin started DJing from a young age, and learned that success was about landing gigs. Getting a gig helps a DJ get the cash flow needed in order to continue with his passion. Here are a few ways that can help you land the gigs you need to be successful as a DJ:

Word of Mouth: This is considered by many to be the most effective method for a DJ to land gigs. Getting a referral from a happy customer helps build a brand and a trusted reputation. Someone is much more likely to book your services when you are referred by a trusted friend, so build as many clients as you can.

Be Ambitious: One of the most difficult parts of becoming a DJ is landing the first few gigs. Breaking through as a DJ is similar to starting your own business. It takes time to grow a brand. To break through you have to approach every situation thinking to yourself, “How can I get a gig from this?”. Don’t be afraid to start small doing birthday parties or working for cheap.

Chip Ervin

Self-Promote: If landing a gig becomes too difficult, try throwing your own party! Just a small investment can help you generate a big name for yourself, and even make some cash in the process. Build your brand and get people talking.
Chip Ervin has DJ’d at multiple events. He learned how to land gigs and build a brand, creating his professional success.