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Jun 20 · 8 min read

***This is an Idea List, inspired by the amazing James Altucher, which I’ll talk about at the end as one of the ideas to make your life better, as it has mine***

For best results — concentrate on adding ONE of these to your life at a time. Then come back to this when you’re ready for the next one.

Let us all know which one resonates the most with you below.

Alrighty then, here they are:

Set a bedtime alarm on your phone.

Mine plays “Goodnight, Sweetheart,” by the Spaniels at 8:45pm. When I hear it, I start my nighttime ritual to get to bed.

The alarm often surprises me at how early it seems to go off…

But it allows plenty of time to get a good amount of sleep before I wake up to my Miracle Morning.

My high school wrestling coach told us all the time, “The will to win is not as important as the will to PREPARE to win.”

Get out your phone, and set that recurring alarm right now, so you’ll be energetic and refreshed to take on each of your days.

Speaking of nighttime rituals, I recommend you take a few minutes to WRITE OUT your nighttime ritual in a checklist format.

Mine has:

👉 Writing out my appreciations for the day. 3–5 things I am actively grateful for…

👉 Writing out 3–5 “Wins” for the day to save my progress and close mental loops for a good night’s sleep.

👉 Taking a magnesium supplement to sleep better (most Americans are magnesium deficient, too).

👉 Brushing and flossing my teeth with my sweet boy as our ritual together.

👉 Lowering the thermostat to my perfect 69 degrees F, again for a good night’s sleep.

👉 I also recommend getting your clothes ready for the next day (although mine are already lined up because I wear the same thing every day 😂👍)

Give yourself a chance to try this tonight when your bedtime alarm goes off!

Start carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go.

I have a half gallon one, and I try to make sure I drink 2 refills a day on it.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Drinking water often improves your energy, your brain function 🧠, and your mood! It’ll also keep you feeling more full, and help clear out toxins in your body.

Take the time to order a water bottle you like, and whenever you think, drink. Literally, when the thought crosses your mind to take a sip, do it, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

This is the #1 easiest, best health hack there is.

Write out your top 3 priorities for the day, and it’s best to do it the day before.

Ideally, I like to do it at the end of my work day (but don’t always remember). That way, you don’t have to squander precious mental energy the next morning deciding how to start your work day.

Don’t do more than three. Tony Robbins calls these “Three to Thrive.” That will keep you focused on what’s important.

When you finish those three, you’ll feel better, get a dopamine rush as you “check them off,” and build serious momentum for whatever else you might do for the day.

Set a recurring DATE NIGHT each week with your spouse or significant other.

So easy to do, and so easy NOT to do.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the tyranny of the mundane, and not schedule the MOST IMPORTANT things in your life.

Don’t let that be you. If you’re reading this and don’t do a date night already, call up your SigO and see what night (or morning, or afternoon) you can go out this week.

Then, while together, add a recurring date for your date in your calendars. They will love you even more for this.

Bonus points: set at least monthly one on one dates with each of your kids, too. 👍

Speaking of your family, if they’re old enough, start a family (or a friend) text group.

This has brought me some serious joy in the past year.

Every time you see something funny, or that makes you think, or if you’re just thinking of your family — send them a quick text.

My daughters have started sending me memes and they have me howling with laughter often these days.

Set up automatic, recurring reminders for important and/or routine things in your life.

I have a reminder set every 90 days to change the AC filters on my house. Otherwise, I forget to do them.

Other things you can do with it: bill paying, calling your mom and/or other loved ones, weekly planning sessions (read on for that)…etc.

You know what you sometimes miss. Set that recurring reminder to chime up on your phone so that doesn’t happen again.

Eat your lunches quickly, by bringing one with you or by ordering counter service…

So you can spend the second half of your lunch break taking a walk.

Do you know why it feels so good to walk after a meal? It’s because it’s natural. I was told by a famed neuroscientist that walking for 20 minutes after a meal DOUBLES the amount of energy you get from the food.

I don’t know if that’s definitely true, but I KNOW I feel better when I walk after a meal.

Bonus: you’ll be a lot sharper, too. Walking lights up your brain when you do it. That’s why Steve Jobs often took walks with colleagues and for important business meetings. So, do it if you will be on longer phone calls, too. 👍

NEVER, EVER hit the snooze button.

Put your phone (on airplane mode) or alarm across the room from you. Boom. 💥 So simple.

Hal talks about this in the Miracle Morning Book.

When you snooze, you actually start the day with LESS energy than if you’d just gotten up. When you go back to sleep with the snooze, your sleep cycle is interrupted 7–10 minutes later as your body is trying to reach deeper sleep. This will make you feel groggy and like you’re in a bit of a fog.

Nah, skip that and just roll with how much sleep you’re able to get.

Also — you want to be excited to wake up. And what kind of signal are you sending to yourself when you delay the start of the day again and again?

If you’re reading this, and you don’t snooze proof your morning alarm…now is the time to start!

Include doing an A-OK (Act of Kindness) on your list each day to check off as a regular routine.

It doesn’t have to be big, but it can be. Sometimes mine are just text messages to a friend telling them that I’m thinking of them and I hope they’re doing well.

On a fundamental level, we all know that we’re here to help serve others. That’s why it feels so good when we make a difference for another person.

Make that part of your routine.

I can personally vouch for this, as it’s helped pull me out of a depression and made it much easier to get out of bed in the morning knowing I’ll make a difference for at least one soul today.

Do this one simple task each day, and I promise you that your life will improve. Most likely dramatically. ❤️

Schedule 30 minutes this weekend or Friday afternoon to plan your week. Put it in your calendar with a reminder or two that it’s coming. 📆

You don’t need to get all fancy with how you do it…but I like to write down “Wins” for the week that I want to take forward with me, and then list out Alllllll the things I’d like to get done, narrow those down to the Three to Thrive for the week…and then put them on my schedule.

Don’t over complicate it, as that will make it feel like a chore, and you won’t do it. Simple and done is better than perfect and not started!

Set up an energizing, exciting music 🎶 playlist for you before you start work each day.

Put songs on it that make you happy, that get you in a good mood and put a smile on that radiant face of yours!

It is a scientific fact that you can create energy by giving energy.

Music is a shortcut to this, and our phones can give you every song you can think about…immediately.

Get into a happy, productive state for your day and kick some major buttocks when you hit the ground running each day!

Go through your bank statement to see if there are any recurring charges on something you don’t use or want any more.

Wow, it’s a little embarrassing to know how much money I was wasting before doing this.

Give yourself a pat on the back for actually stopping it instead of curses for how long it was going, though…okay? High five 🙌 !

✅ Ahhhh, the one I told you about waaaay back at the beginning of this mega-post!


This exercises your mind just like it would your body. It makes your mind sweat and improve each and every day!

Here’s what you do: pick a certain topic or subject, and then come up with 10–20 ideas on it. I like 20 because it really stretches me…but don’t make it a chore or you won’t do it.

An example could be: Books I could write to change the world, or ways to make my spouse feel more loved every day, or even…Idea Lists I Could Write!

How about this one?

14 QUICK IDEAS TO MAKE LIFE BETTER IMMEDIATELY (with very little effort)!!! 🤯

Aside from the mental benefit, which Mr. Altucher says will make you an IDEA MACHINE doing this consistently for 6 months —

I get a LOT of use from the lists themselves. I’ve made more money, found ways to improve my health, and have helped a lot of friends and businesses, too.

My suggestion is to do this to your “scribing” session during your Miracle Morning, so you’re more likely to do it.


That’s it for today!

👇👇👇Let me know which one you are going to try first 👇👇👇

P.S. I’m working with Hal Elrod of Miracle Morning fame now on a test run of our “Miracle Life Mentorship,” yearly program, which will have a TON more good things to actually IMPLEMENT in your life. Sign up for you want to be added to the waiting list to find out more about it.

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5 SIMPLE Strategies to Get More From Life (By Tomorrow Morning)

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