20 Simple Strategies to Make Your Life Better (Before Tomorrow Morning)

A Quick List of Life-Changing Profundity

Chip Franks
May 16, 2018 · 3 min read
  1. Appreciation. Cultivate a habit of daily appreciation.

2. Love yourself like your life depends on it. Because it does. (Get this book!)

3. Write out your Ideal Weekly schedule. Work on it, perfect it.

4. Create a Daily Practice to do something to make yourself better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually every day.

5. Start your Hero’s Journey. Understand the concept, know what it means, write it out for yourself. “To become great, find a way to serve the many.” “Your gift is right next to your wound.” Use the 4 quadrant exercise from Pat Flynn. Start a side hustle.

6. Practice everyday acts of courage, use the 5 second rule and David Goggins interviews as necessary.

7. Journal 📓 in the morning and at night. Just 5 minutes each is sufficient — however you’ll soon want to do more. At night write down, “What do I want?” And then proceed to answer that in every facet of your life you feel like doing.

8. Start a daily cadence with your significant other/most cherished one. Set the alarm. Figure out how you can protect, support and cherish each other more.

9. Set a bedtime and a wake up time and stick to it. It’s so much better for your life.

10. Learn new ideas and implement them in the best way for you. Read, take notes, journal what you learn, listen to audible, join LifeLessons.Academy.

11. Schedule out times for walks outside each day. Preferably as the sun comes up. Get at least 10 minutes of daylight on your skin.

12. Create a mantra for yourself and your life. Go, hero, go! In the name of Love! If it’s to be, it will be me. Serve the many. YOU GOT THIS. Love more. Amor FATI.

13. Set a time for thinking and ideation…an idea list a day, and also time to sketch out big thoughts, frameworks, plans, and goals.

14. Perform a weekly check in to go over values, intentions and your goals. Not just a to-do list, but a TO BE LIST. What are your biggest values? Kindness, serving, loving, funny, bright, confident,

15. Schedule dates to connect with the loved ones in your life. Weekly date nights with your sweetie (no phones), day dates with your children, set phone call dates with your parents and best friends.

16. Build a confidence ritual. Accomplishment lists. Playlist of kickass songs. What would _____ do? (A mentor, or future you, and emulate that), a friend you can call to get a pump up anytime, a certain outfit, etc.

17. Functional exercises first thing in the morning to get the blood going and to think more clearly: burpees, HIIT run/walks, rebounder trampoline, kettlebells, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups. Do as many as you can. 5 minutes is enough.

18. Listen to PODCASTS and audiobooks. Turn drive and workout time into learning time. Find a way to harvest the ideas from them into your daily usage and schedule through journaling or scheduling them.

19. Pray for yourself and others daily. Just a conscious “thank you” for them, and a “please help them/bless them,” as well. Bonus points for telling them that they’re prayed for that day — it will make them feel better and you as well.

20. Do an act of kindness (A-OK) each day, where you serve someone else. Bonus points when it’s anonymous and between you and God. *This helped turn my life around. You can listen to Acts of Kindness on the JoeVolunteer Radio Podcast.

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