These 10 Life Lessons Will Change Your Life for the Better.
Chip Franks


Don’t Let go of the Last Trapeze until you have the Next In Hand (Side-hustle to full-time.)

This one is tough for my ego to take. I thought since I did well with my last business, that making money in AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ARENA must be easy as well. Especially for…ahem…this guy.

Well, it’s not that easy. The transition is and was tough from being a full-blown business owner with a big office, employees (I prefer the term team-members), and skills I’ve learned over many years to something completely new.

Although I had specific plans of what I wanted to do, I didn’t have an already established INCOME from these side-hustles that I wanted to make full-time.

This was a mistake, and I caution those that are reading to keep this in mind.

Here are the steps I’d recommend:

1. Start a side-hustle WHILE working full-time.

2. Make it something that you feel passion in doing. Something that you were drawn to as a child, that you’d WANT to do if you had millions in the bank.

3. Pour your heart and soul into it, and see how it juices you.

4. Fail (and know that it’s a probable, and completely okay).

5. Iterate and get better.

6. Repeat the last two steps as often as needed.

7. Get checks and money coming into your account.

8. Wait for that income to replace a good 75% of your current income for a sustainable period of time.

9. Then, switch careers.

10. Don’t burn your bridges, and be able to return to your ‘bread and butter’ income if you ever want to or have to.