This Little Life-Hack is So Easy to Do

and Unfortunately, Easy NOT to Do.

Chip Franks
Jul 17, 2018 · 3 min read

This is Your Brain, This is Your Brain on Walking.

Go for a walk.

Your Brain on Walking.

Let that image sink in, please. It’s a POWERFUL visual, and I hope it’s lighting up certain areas of your brain as well when you see it.

Just some benefits of a walk:

  • Improved mood.
  • Vitamin D from the sun makes you healthier.
  • Your creative juices will be sparked.
  • Some exercise benefit.
  • Stress relief.

And obviously more, but most people can’t be persuaded to do it.

It just takes a decision, a little work setting up your schedule/system/environment and a tiny bit of grit to actually do it when you’re supposed to do it.

Some things that have worked for me:

  • Walk as one of the first things you do in the morning. Even if you have to get up a little earlier.
  • Get a partner, and walk during the twilight time. It’s cooler, and a great way to reflect on the day and life. My partner is usually my son and resident super hero, Alec.
The Amazing Alec and an Appreciative Dad
  • Journal immediately after walking. You’ll have some insights for certain.
  • If you know you’ll be on the phone with someone for a while, call from your cell and go off on a quick walk while you talk. Bonus: you’ll be mentally sharper while you’re moving.

Does any of this help?

Do you currently walk often?

Let me know, please! You can just reply to this and let me know. I love hearing from you!


Chip Franks

P.S. It’s so easy to read something like this, or anything useful — and agree with it. Nod along…

And then do nothing about it.

So, how about you pull out your calendar, or your phone and actually SCHEDULE your next walk?

Do the walk, preferably with no electronics…just your lovely self and your thoughts. Then think of how it feels, and see if it makes sense to start doing that again and again. Thank you!

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