Episode #1 About A Sales Lady Behind The Scenes

Becoming a salesperson was never on my mind. In fact, I kept saying all throughout College and Business School that I was not interested in Sales. Why? Because I used to see myself as a shy person. A person that was not comfortable with speaking her mind. I also had limiting beliefs around selling. To start with, I thought selling was somewhat dishonest because it meant disguising some level of truth for one’s own selfish benefit. The other belief I had around selling was that a person was either born a salesperson in their heart or not. Needless to say, I did not feel I had it in me naturally. Despite those beliefs, I have always gravitated around sales. So much so that my professional life began with a job within a sales team.

I have come to understand that selling is part of our everyday lives. We sell our ideas, we sell our stories, we sell our house, we sell our old car, you name it, right? I have also come to understand that selling and money are two different things. Money is a currency. Selling is a process of giving and receiving a service or a product. I give you this, you give me that. It is an exchange. To me, the real sale happens on an energetic level, not on a currency level.

Becoming a salesperson within a Corporate Company, with my own accounts, a clear sales objective, and lots of pressure from my management has taken me into a self-discovery journey, facing my deepest fears and gaining a new perspective about life and myself.

And I have decided to share my ongoing personal transformation experience as I go.

If you want to know how I ended up Let me know about your own experience!