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iPad-only is the new desktop Linux

You like the iPad because it’s simple. But if you’re using the iPad as your primary computer, you may just like it because it’s a challenge.

[N.B.: if you are a Linux user here to write an angry response, please read the addendum at the end. Okay? Okay.]

Using iOS as your primary OS is like using desktop Linux.

No, hear me out. See, Linux users don’t care how much easier we say it is in our non-Linux worlds. Sure, they say it’s because of open access and free as in scotch ale and yadda yadda yadda, but really? They like the challenge. Figuring out how to do what they used to do on a Mac or Windows PC is part of the allure.

A web developer turned technical writer, sf/fantasy/anthro fiction author, and craft cocktail aficionado.

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