Human Centered Design & The 6 Fundamental Principles of Interaction Between Products and Users
César Bejarano

That’s a pretty academic explanation of utility and beauty. I also think great design is consciously appreciated every time it is engaged. For instance, new kitchen cabinet shelves that slide out of corners so everything is easily accessible usually delivers a sense of satisfaction. Likewise soft, self-closing drawers. Husqvarna makes an articulating riding mower that carves a circle smaller than six inches in diameter — every time one mows around a tree one gets a sense of satisfaction (caveat: beyond its articulating magic the Husqvarna isn’t worth a damn). The opposite is true as well. Who engineered the operating controls on some modern clock radios, televisions, computers? They can be so beyond complicated people just give up. Microwaves used to have two manual dials; set them and off you go. Now, digital controls sometimes require ten steps to set them up. Good grief.

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