Don’t Steal My Vote!

I’m mad, and so should everyone be. An electoral college delegate named Chris Suprun from Texas has announced LOUDLY in the NYT he will not be voting the will of the people, but instead will vote against Trump. He previously signed an oath to vote for the winner and now has decided he must right a wrong.

I’m not interested in merit debates here. The Trump/Hilary HE SAID/SHE SAID stuff can go on forever and certainly already has on Facebook and other places. In fact, forget the NYT article and look at what’s going on here.

The BIG PICTURE is the most important and that is: If you’re from Texas, THIS GUY IS STEALING YOUR VOTE. Period.

It doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, EVERYONE SHOULD BE CONCERNED!

We have the constitutional right our vote be counted and Suprun is basically saying his will and opinion matters more than our own. He had a chance to cast his vote, just as we all did in early November.

There are 15 million voters in Texas and only 38 Electoral College votes. This means Mr. Suprun represents 394,736 voters in Texas.

That’s 400,000 voters who’s vote don’t count.

That’s 400 thousand people who didn’t need to go to the polling stations. 400 thousand who just don’t exist as far as the presidential election was concerned. 400 thousand not represented. 400,000 STOLEN VOTES.

That’s worse than either the KKK or Black Panthers standing outside trying to intimidate voters so they won’t vote. And what’s even worse, he’s BRAGGING about it to the NYT.

Rubbing each of the 400,000 voters face in it saying he’s so much smarter than they are and that their vote is now worthless.

It doesn’t matter which side you’re on. Everyone should hate this type of totalitarian usurp of power and total disregard for voter representation. In fact we fought our war for independence based the right to vote and be represented.

It should not be possible for a single EC delegate to nullify the wishes and votes of 400,000 voters. If this can happen then there will be an all out bidding contest for electoral college delegates and democracy as we know will cease to exist. If you’re thinking, “Trump deserves it,” then answer me this thought experiment. Imagine, mysteriously, all the delegates for Texas and Florida vote for Hilary and she becomes president. Would you consider that fair?

If so, then you’re basically saying there are others in better positions to pick your leaders than you. If so, please consider not voting next election.