abortion restrictions, really?

[cw: pregnancy, pregnancy loss, a lot of cursing]

re: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/12/07/504663799/ohio-legislature-moves-to-ban-abortion-as-early-as-6-weeks-after-conception

Go through six months of fertility treatments.

After one year of trying “normally”.

Abnormal hair loss, menopause-lite in your 20s, depression, anger, therapy.

Then, like me, spend 200 days pregnant with all this weighing on you:

  • Going to the 6 week ultrasound (and ONLY that early, because of fertility treatments) alone because the miscarriage rate is still so high and your hopes are super low, for a wanted child.
  • Feeling like you have a hangover, every. single. day.
  • Being told when and how you do everyday things like ~walking~
  • Not being able to walk some days anyway because you’re crying from the pain of even getting out of bed. Fuck it.
  • What even is sleep — insomnia, vivid nightmares, almost accidentally peeing the bed, waking up several times in the night.
  • Strangers smiling and touching you without consent, all the time, right where it makes you think you want to throw up, fuck.
  • Declining mental health because we don’t know how to test drugs on pregnant people. Declining physical health because “it’s pregnancy” is the reason for everything going wrong and being able to use nothing!
  • Stress over the 12 and 20 week ultrasounds and testing in case this wanted child has some major birth defect incompatible with life.
  • Don’t even get me started on the real horror stories of things like preeclampsia and deliveries gone wrong where people die.
  • (I haven’t even talked about less privileged people than me! Imagine not being able to pay rent because you’re off at prenatal visits all the time and your boss hates you for it. Imagine being raped. Imagine a lot of other terrible things. I’m just a lone privileged middle class person here.)

That, my good male Republican politicians of Ohio, is what I think you should be forced to go through, if you’re enough of an idiot to think that 6 week heartbeats should be the viability line for an abortion on top of all the other restrictions you want to put on people seeking abortions. That is what pregnancy can be like. You’re making someone else go through that.

Many people don’t even realize they’re pregnant at 6 weeks. Many people despite the heartbeat will still miscarry after 6 weeks. It takes months in many cases to find out about abnormalities incompatible with life. Even in the third trimester and our hard-earned medical knowledge and experience, premature babies die. So sorry that this is not a black and white situation.

If after all of that you still think 6 weeks is a good line to draw, well then.

Fuck you.

(yes, I was popular in my bioethics class. :D )

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