Movie Loglines: 5 Steps To Plot-driven Storytelling

Why Filmmakers and Marketers Both Need To Study Loglines

If you’re a marketer using storytelling in your content, you can learn a lot from the logline skills of screenwriters.

If you’re a screenwriter crafting loglines, you can benefit from understanding the psychology of marketing.

What’s a logline?

Universal Pictures

A Logline Is A PreSale Tool

So how do I write a logline?

The 3 Step Logline

The 4 Step Logline

The 5-Step Logline

Know Your Hero

Story VS Plot

The Hero’s Journey

No Spoilers: The Curiosity Gap

The Curiosity Gap

What’s All This Mean For Screenwriters?

Events change people.

Don’t Just Provide Story; Provide A Plot.

What’s Missing? Spoilers.

What’s All This Mean For Marketers?

Events change people.

Go Beyond Storytelling: Sell With Plot-driven Content

5 Steps: Hero, goal, challenge, solution, result.

First, Define These Things

Now, Apply Them To Your Content

Does That Come With A Happy Ending?

A Short Form Example

Your customer is your hero.

Plot-based Content for Distance Learning Providers, SMEs, and Storytellers. Novelist, screenwriter.

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