Take Control of Your Professional Development

Performance review periods are often a sensitive time where a received rating can make or break an employee’s morale and perception towards the company they work for. Trying to condense months or years of hard work into a performance rating is a risky approach, where measurable deliverables often outweigh intangible value added by a dedicated team member.

To help ensure a fair appraisal process, employees are often encouraged to gather 360 feedback from their colleagues (junior and senior) to help support their desire for an exceptional rating and to highlight strengths & areas of improvement. While gathering feedback is a great way to highlight your achievements and to increase your self-awareness, it often results in a short-lived moment of self-reflection which disappears into a clunky performance management system or gets lost in a forever growing pile of emails. Furthermore, if you change jobs, departments, roles, projects, teams or are a self-employed freelancer, contractor, or small business owner, all the feedback you have gathered throughout your career tends to get lost (unless you have proactively gathered and filed feedback in your personal records).

Grasp the opportunity to effectively leverage your performance feedback and show your current or future employers, clients, and professional network what you have achieved and what you are capable of achieving. Do not let your valuable feedback disappear as you progress through your career. Instead, take control of your professional development, gather feedback throughout your career, and use it as a tool to enhance your reputation.

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