Only Congressmen can ask Rahul to quit the Congress Party

Every so often, a journalist (often a coward), a sociologist, a historian will get together on a TV channel and call for the removal of Rahul Gandhi from the Congress party.

Guess what guys, you are no one to call for his removal.

First. A bit of whataboutery.

If you ever attempted to call for the replacement of Amit Shah (the man has 15 cases of Murder, Riots, extortion and was banished from Gujarat for years), in such a gathering, you’d, at best, have your phones tapped and life examined under a microscope. At worst, you could take a morning walk. God help you if you/your channel/publication had Income Tax disputes, because, by god, he’ll make you pay it with interest and then some.

If you ever attempted to call for the replacement of Arvind Kejriwal (the charlatan, pretending to be the Mayor of Delhi), in such a gathering, you’d, at best, have all advertising from Delhi Govt removed from your channel/publication. At worst, you’d be at the receiving end of a crude and vicious troll attack that will last for weeks.

Now, a bit of history

Gandhis were out of the Congress party after the death of Rajiv Gandhi (alleged conspirators in his assasination included amongst others, a godman, a BJP MP and a senior Congressman). Post his death, the Congress party after a stint in power, went into decline. Senior Congressmen got together and threw out the then party president and invited Sonia Gandhi to lead the party.

With those things out of the way. Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Only, a member of the Congress Party can call for the removal of Rahul as the VP. He becomes a member. Wins a few elections, gains the trust of leaders of the party and builds sufficient heft and connections in the party. A process that may take years, if not decades.

Who made Rahul VP?

Till 2013, Rahul was only obliquely connected to the doings of the Congress Party. He was focussed on the IYC and NSUI.

Prior to that he had no significant role to play in the Congress or the Government. At that point, UPA was a train wreck, due to fanciful numbers presented by embedded Sanghis like then CAG. And campaigns run by Anna. And straight up anti-incumbency. UPA & the Congress was up shit creek. There was a chorus within the party that sought to bring a fresh face. But up till that point Congress had run a central govt for 9 years. Major State govts for over 15 years. So yeah. Anti-incumbency was high. It’s a thing most political analysts understand.

Media, meanwhile, was busy dissing him at that point as the reluctant prince. Blah blah. The media did nothing to bring him to that position. In fact, media tried it’s very best even before he became VP to paint him as undeserving.

Also, keep in mind, that Rahul could’ve at any point in the high of the Congress could’ve chosen to be in govt. He didn’t.

He was made a VP of the Congress in 2013 at the invitation of senior Congressmen (most importantly his mother). The very same Congressmen who had lost the narrative for the Congress. If they’d managed to keep power, I doubt that they’d have asked for Rahul Gandhi to be brought into the leadership of the Congress.

Journalists, who couldn’t even be bothered to stand for (forget winning) Press Club elections, wield co-ercive power in terms of the audience that they address through their channels/publications. So they feel they are somehow entitled to call for removal of Rahul Gandhi.

My answer to you: Bugger off. Rahul Gandhi is the VP of the Congress Party, because Congressmen want him to be the VP.

Sociologists, who couldn’t even be bothered to stand for (forget winning) RWA elections, have no power. But they may know a journalist or two. So they feel entitled to vent. Nobody, except the Congress party, listens to them anyway. So he thinks he somehow has a great insight on how the Congress party functions.

My answer to you: Bugger off. Rahul Gandhi is the VP of the Congress Party, because Congressmen want him to be the VP.


My answer to you: Bugger off. Rahul Gandhi is the VP of the Congress Party, because Congressmen want him to be the VP.

RSS has existed since 1925, Communists since 1920s. They’ve been rejected by voters over and over again. Nobody calls them headless, directionless.
What to even say about regional parties, their leadership & loyalties?

No benchmarks for anyone else other than Congress?

This is because, Congress is the establishment and the other two aren’t. Congress stands for everyone while other two don’t.

What about the Congress Voter?

Voter votes for the leader and party at the polls for the agenda. The agenda may be not be to the voters liking. Which is fine. The voter is entitled to his view. But that’s it. Period. Nothing more nothing less.

What about other leaders?

Several names are bandied about as possible replacements for the Rahul. They are free to challenge Rahul’s leadership. If they don’t do so, for fear of being thrown out, they clearly have no heft in the party. If they did. They could’ve deposed him and moved in.

Why is Rahul important?

Rahul is important, because he remains the only leader in the Congress Party to whom other leaders will listen to. Without him, the party will fall to bits. Each state satrap will head his own way (Like Mamta in Bengal, Jagan in AP, KCR in Telengana).

Why are these people, who have no connection with the Congress Party seeking to force a change in leadership in the Congress Party?

  1. Because they’ve picked a party they like. One of the RSS twins (AAP & BJP), Mamta, Sasikala or whoever.
  2. They’d like to see the Congress fall apart, so that their favourite leader can rule in the state they care about. Or worse…
  3. They want RSS to turn India into a Hindu version of Pakistan, where minorities are persecuted, RSS Mullahs in Nagpur tell you about what to eat, drink and wear.

Objections to Rahul

  1. He is dumb. How do you know? Have you met him? You saw one interview with hostile interviewer? Big deal. The current Prime Minister ran away from an interview after giving a veiled threat to the interviewer. Currently gives only scripted interviews with pre-approved questions AND hasn’t faced even a single open press conference. You saw some out of context statements played up by the media? Too bad.
  2. He goes on Holidays. Yeah, so? Don’t you? Haven’t you heard? All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Or like in our current case, a megalomaniac.

Why should you support the Congress Party and Rahul (warts and all)?

  1. Congress Party is the only Party that seeks to empower you as an individual (RTI, RTE, FSB, NREGA) over the collective (Majoritarian Nationalism, Hindu supremacy and assorted rubbish).
  2. You’d like to live in a forward looking progressive country. The Congress party built it (however flawed) and continues to stand for it. The chief opponent of the Congress party, the RSS, would like to create a theocratic state where fatwas are issued by RSS mullahs sitting in Nagpur.
  3. Inclusiveness is the only way to a stable prosperous society. The Congress Party is best positioned to deliver it. The party will try and represent a 1% minority if it could. If you think the RSS will ever get there. Forget it.
  4. It’s an umbrella party and just have a look at the other alternatives. Kejriwal himself engages in conspiracy theories and is an anarchist. Communist ideology has died, but Communists still remain.
  5. Congress remains the natural party of governance. Market liberalism (relatively speaking) + social justice.

Finally, a liberal democracy doesn’t automatically happen. Just because is logically the right thing. It has to be fought for. There is no knight in shining armour waiting to emerge from the horizon. The Congress Party is that knight. It is here. It has been fighting for it since the independence movement and more so since 1947.

And Rahul Gandhi is the leader chosen by the members of the Congress.