No progress? Demotivated?

Gained muscles, progressed somewhat, but stuck in a certain stage right now??. Don’t worry everyone passes through this.

You improve to a certain extent in a short time, with little effort. This seems amazing. Fun. But, after the “short time” everything gets paused. No progress. Working out does not feel as amazing as it seemed. This is really a fitness guy’s worst nightmare; neither you have the determination to work out nor you have the energy to. Furthermore, the certain amount of progress you had in the first few months also starts to deteriorate. All of this extinguishes the little spark, the little determination, the little hope and the little motivation left after a long stay in the “nightmare”.

But, this isn’t the time to give up. Rather than giving up, push yourself to the limits, even if you are losing muscles or whatever the reason it may be that’s pulling you down, you should push yourself to the limit, workout even harder, eat crossing your limits, set new limits, be superhuman. It will take time. Patience.

How long can your body neglect the nutrition and hard work you have put into it? You will soon see progress. But remember, hard-work and food is not enough. You need a positive mindset along with Determination and Dedication. If you think of failing, you will fail. Think positive. Say to yourself that you can do it. You will do it.

In the “nightmare”, you shouldn’t give up, you shouldn’t lose hope, instead you should have a positive mindset. Think positively. “I will progress soon, but I have to work harder “ , “ It difficult but I need to do it”. Instead of having positive thoughts, people get trapped in the realm of negative thoughts. This makes you mentally as well as physically tired. You have to let go of these negative thoughts. Then and only then you shall achieve heights you thought that were just a dream. It is difficult. If it was easy then everyone would have a perfect body. Work Hard and today might be the day you end your “nightmare”.