The beginning of a story

It began on a day

during a class,

maybe on The month of may,

you had come and sat by my sIde

maybe you remember, maybe you don’t

but that was a coincidence made for us two

that was the beginning of something everyone wants

but is unknown to aLL,

something so common,

yet so mysterious to falL for

time passed by, the sUrface seemed Further and Further,

at a glance it seemed filled with danger,

then again in a second thought,

it was the thing everYone fOUght for

the dIstAnce between us shortened,

seeMed as everything was forgotten,

WhAtever I knew, i had To use

studIes and projects were just aN excuse

i remember the day when you said 143,

but then aGain that 143 was just a Clue for me,

i don’t know if wHat yoU said was true,

but that was when i aCtually fell for you

your smile made my day,

everytHIng swayed aWay,

just a glance of troublE in your face,

aNd a hail storm on my Way

before i knew, i had fallen so deep,

gettIng out wasn’t an option indeed,

but then again, it wasn’t the same for you,

nevermind that, something eLse was a new

days passed, truths uncovered,

YOU had someone else as i feared,

your happiness was first, mine Came after,

i hid my feelings, buried deep in a laughter,

the fall became cOlder and colder, surviving was hard

but with the help of your sMilE I survived,

even without a heart.

you didn’t give a damn, moving on was my only option,

but how could I move on when i was STILL in LOVE with YOU

(The capitals are there for a reason)

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