The Pursuit of Good Luck

Do we allow thieves to enter our home and take our gold? Do we let people waste our so called valuable time? I know no one would answer yes. Ask your self why you let yourself waste your own time, procrastinating and doing everything else but the things that would in time fulfill your deepest desires. Why?

We wait for luck to show up at our doorstep. Is good-luck really someone who shows up at the doorstep, rings the doorbell and patiently waits for you to answer the door? Let me tell you a fact. Yes, luck shows up at the door and rings the bell and even waits patiently for you to answer, but the catch is, you are never home to answer her calls.

You are your home, and she comes and knocks on your head, and yet you do not notice her. Why? It is simple. She comes and knocks on your higher self, the self you would have become if you would have worked hard enough. Why? You are not GOOD ENOUGH to successfully handle the opportunities she brings. You think it is unfair? Lets talk about this. Would you even consider under qualified people for positions at your company? No. Right?

We all think about luck as something divine and something only the chosen people are blessed with. Let me tell you something that every successful people knows, good luck is the CEO of success who hires people only qualified for the work.

Below is a simple story that gives some sense of how luck operates, but do not waste time reading the story if you have received my message. Go and start building your self for the next knock. Go.

Stop wasting time reading about other people. If you know what you need to do to better yourself, just work on it, and prepare yourself for the next knock.

I had worked all day, collecting sheep and horses I could find. It was my first day working. I could feel my dream within my grasp: the days in which I would sleep basking in the sun, drinking the best of wines the world could offer, and eating the finest foods the tongue could savor. It was about five hundred steps away, my gold, waiting for me, in The City of Gold, Aureus.

I could see the markets filled with bags full of coin, in the hands of the buyers. The buyers bidding against each other for sheep and horses. It was there, the beginning to my dream. One last turn, and I would be facing the gateway to the world of my dreams. One last turn, and I would be getting a four fold return of my investment for the day. One last turn.

I could not believe my eyes. I was facing the Market, and the Market was facing the best of sheep and horses it had ever seen, and in between was the Gate. Locked.

All my effort for the day seemed to have been for naught. All my hopes torn apart by the locks that hold the gate together. I had no choice but to return empty handed to my wife, who would be all the more excited for my first success.

In the midst of all the misery, there seem to have been someone else facing the same bad luck as me, a farmer, also locked out. He came to me and started talking to me, “The Almighty Goddess of Luck has sent a buyer such as you my way in a time of dire need. I have a plea to you oh wise buyer. I have 800 sheep, all of them as fat as they can be. If not for my children who need a cure, I would have stayed the night and enjoyed the rain of gold tomorrow. Would you be so kind as to buy these sheep for three fourth the normal price?”

“Yes, I would be definitely interested, but I have to count them first.” I would be getting buyers buying these sheep for four folds the money, as a food crisis was not afar. Thus, I tried counting, but failed miserably, as it was too dark. I told him, I will count it as soon as the sun comes up and pay you accordingly. He said, “Pay me two thirds tonight and tomorrow when you shall count I shall come by to collect the rest.” I could not.

The next morning, I saw a man enjoying bags of riches that would last him a lifetime. It seemed he got them from selling eight hundred sheep. It was the biggest sale the market had ever seen. I suppose he got those sheep from the farmer from the night before.

And there I was staring a lonely bag of coins, not even bigger than my hands could hold. If only I had seen it coming. If only …..

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