What not to do?

Want the key that opens every lock?

Wait! It is not something you need. It’s something you need to discard. Confused? Don’t be, it simple. Thinking of discarding your mobile phone? Yeah that could be of some help. But, it would do more damage than good. So, what might it be?

Imagine a tornado in your hometown. Where is the safest place you could be? Away from the town? Don’t be naive. Of course that’s a right answer, but think of a better one. The eye of the tornado is what I was expecting. The 1% are the ones in the eye. The rest? Around the city searching for a safe place to hide.

What the 99% see is the chaos the tornado brings, the destruction that surrounds it. The 1% see the calmness through the destruction.

Understand what I implied? Maybe, maybe not.

A friend asks you to check out his new earphone. You feel the wave hit you so hard that you had almost forgotten you were in a desert. Later you find out that it is super cheap!! What do you do? Don’t say I would recommend them to my friends. The 99% would keep a second in case the first broke or would boost up the price just to show off. Wondering what The 1% would do? Invest.

Still don’t get it?

A girl you really love and who also loves you the same way leaves you for some other reason than for another guy. What would you do? The 99% would literally destroy at least a few months of their life. Assuming nothing mattered anymore they would give up on the entrance exam, would get drunk rather than attend the interview which would have changed their life for the better . Due to the scarcity mindset; “ we believe we cannot create something as amazing again or find someone as such again.” as said by Ashim Sharma, you get more depressed thinking of her. I don’t mean there are as many soulmates out there as you want. Let’s say you are still waiting for The Girl, even after she left you for some reason. Let’s say you get drunk on the day of interview and miss out on it, skip classes and so on. In short, you destroy your life. Do you think The Girl’s parents would accept an alcoholic who wasted his life? Do you think The Girl herself would want to be with you even if she loves you? It’s not just about her, its about the future of the children too. Let’s say The Girl did not love you at all, all of it was a lie. Still, was wasting your life for a girl, like that, a good idea? Think about it. Your soul mate is still out there. Do you plan on destroying your future with your soul mate just for a fake? How do you plan on supporting your could-be-a-perfect-family? What would you a could-be-a-perfect-dad be?

Still no? Still don’t get what the 99% is doing that they shouldn’t be doing? Is something wrong with their ability to perceive? Are they really inferior to the 1%?

No. It is just a habit that they have that makes them inferior to the 1%. What is it? Assumption; the habit of assuming things.

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