How not to be a disgusting loser despite having a loads of money and power — Lessons from Khodu Irani.

Why, oh why, do men with that much money act like thirsty losers?


Mindset. Neediness. Ego.

Khodu Irani creeped on starlets rather than paying prostitutes, because if he paid a prostitute, he would have had to admit to himself that his validation source was being bought by money instead of the thrill of it.

That’s right, little Khodu didn’t do all this to sleep with females… he did it to feel like a winner. Deep down, he knows he is an undisciplined slob. Khodu ultimately thought of female as a yardstick that measured his worth. If he could get enough females, he must be a winner at life, right? Because that’s what life is all about, right?


Female isn’t a yardstick. Female isn’t a milestone. Female isn’t an achievement.

The meaning of life will never be found inside a female reproductive organ. Self-respect will never be found inside a female reproductive organ. A sense of purpose and identity will never be found inside a female reproductive organ. Happiness will never be found inside a female reproductive organ. The only things you will find there are temporary pleasure, and temporary release from your sexual appetites.

Which means that if you don’t want to end up like our little friend Khodu, you can’t get your self-image from how often vapid twentysomethings . Khodu’s plan didn’t work, because he just kept having to do it. No matter how many worthy females got touched by him then went home to take six showers and cry themselves to sleep, he had to keep doing it, because it didn’t help for long.

So what’s your mission? What is it that gives meaning to your life? It can be pretty much anything you think is important.

But if you say “popping bottles and sleeping with young girls”, then have a long hard think. Because vagina isn’t the measuring stick of greatness, or the source of happiness.

Stop running behind a female. Stop creeping out them. Stop making them your life goal. Stop all of this nonsense right away! You took birth on this earth for a purpose. Find it and work on it and towards it.

Try to become 10/10 if you rank yourself 6–9. Feed your ego with expensive cars and mansion. Feed your ego by doing adventure sports. Feed it more by posting those pictures on facebook. But please stop running behind a women. Let them live peacefully.

Go do something you can be proud of.

P.s: I respect prostitutes. It takes a lot and this is what empowerment is about — independence to choose your occupation.

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