hdde is appy’s real name?

A logo is the brand’s first identity. A major purpose it serves is that it brings in a brand’s differentiation and recall value. Apparently, Appy’s logo, especially on its tetra packs, failed at the one job it had.

My recent trip to the nooks and crannies of India’s North-East revealed a lot about how people receive and perceive brands. I bumped into a conversation with a tea stall owner and discovered appy’s real brand name.

That conversation told me how that person, while living in a remote area, had blissfully escaped heavy advertising, which means he was unaware of brand names. It made me wonder about the different ways in which one could read the brand name without knowing anything about it.

I realized that had I been that person, I wouldn’t even have read it as appy.

Seems impossible?

appy reads hdde when read vertically from the top

Well if you observe closely, it can be read in multiple ways. If I look at it from top to bottom, I’ll read it as hdde. In fact, that’s how half of the people might see it. That stands true even though it’s a human tendency to read a vertically aligned text from bottom to top as we sync it with our first tendency of reading it from left to right. But since this is a small piece of text and the initial is not capitalized, and even the h is more prominent than a, the chances of people thinking that the brand name begins from h are almost equal.

On the other hand, due to the small length of y’s descender, it can be read as app4 as well, adding to the bounce rate.

It’s really important that your logo, especially if it is a logotype, creates a memorable impression in the mind of the viewer. It can even reveal a lot about your brand’s ideologies in a subtle manner if done smartly. Make sure that the initial step of your branding is done to perfection by someone who actually understands the nuisances of your brand.