How to Follow Up With Interactive Content Leads

Did you know that more than four-fifths of all digital ads are ignored?

You can attribute this to ever-growing “banner blindness” where web surfers don’t even notice ads on a webpage. To combat this problem, marketers are turning to interactive content like quizzes and calculators to cut through the noise and engage potential leads. And it’s working.

93% of marketers said that interactive content was effective when it came to educating consumers and 88% think this type of content separates their brand from industry rivals. With the blue ocean of interactive content to drive leads, there is one key element to keep in mind as you set up your cost calculators, graded quizzes, and diagnostic calculators: remember to follow up.

Here are three ways to take the next step with interactive content leads.

Approach #1: Ask for a sales call after cost calculator results

Cost calculators are a fun way for leads to answer the question “How much will this thing cost?” Think of them as a low-friction, unintimidating, online sales call without a person-to-person interaction.

Check out this example:

Notice the headline “How much does it cost to make an app?” and the description “Quickly calculate the cost of creating your app by responding to these simple questions.” A cost calculator like this is a potential goldmine for an app development company. Why? Read more…