Top Growth Hacks 2017

Growth Hacking is considered to be the in thing in the digital landscape with companies basing their business strategies solely on growth hacking techniques. And it is no surprise that they are getting favorable results. Google Trends show that the search for words like Growth Hack and Growth Hack Marketing has been on rise over the past 5 years.

Google Trends

Many notable marketers also support the idea of growth hacking because it helps startups with limited budget to grow their business by reaching the potential customer and driving more sales through digital marketing. And it all begins with spreading the word and starting the hustle.


If you’re a startup looking for ways to scale and survive in this competitive market, here are some growth hacks that’ll help you sail through 2017.

#1 Guest Blogging

Now we can’t stress much on its importance, can we? It has been seen that getting quality traffic and creating brand influence are really important when it comes to growing your business, and guest blogging helps you achieve just that. Buffer, a social media scheduling app, managed to grow its customer base from 0 to 100K when its co-founder, Leo Widrich, wrote around 150 guest posts in 9 months. Their prime focus was more on signups for their app rather than traffic. Blogging websites like ShoutmeLoud, Hubspot, Outbrain are some sites which accept guest blog posts and get you the exposure you wish for.

#2 Interactive Content

The power of interactive content cannot be ignored in 2017. In fact, 46% of content marketers are already using interactive content as a part of their growth strategy. Reason? Read more…