The more-viewed post has more recommends (although not a lot more), which is what you would expect from a binary system — it essentially measures popularity.
I suspect we can agree on this: We are both making assumptions about how this system will work, and…
Ev Williams

If we assume for a minute that both the posts were written when claps were out, we’re not factoring in that readers who appreciated the hard work put in wouldn’t have clapper _multiple times_ and it might be more Claps over readers who agreed with post 2. Even if you received an average of 2 claps per reader, suddenly the first post hasa million claps and would find itself in similar range as a post more read but “less appreciated”—something claps could make possible.

As someone on both sides of the debate—I write and am also a paying user—I would multi-clap (coin the words!) a story that’s clearly better researched with effort knowing it would add revenue to the writer.

I think all this feedback and thought it absolutely great to foster content on Medium and that there are clearly advantages Claps introduce that Recommends couldn’t give you. The hope as always is over time the bell curve will lean towards the advantages rather than noise (made better if Claps are not the _only_ thing as Ev indicates), but agreed this remains to be seen.

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