You’re addicted. Deal with it.

Before we get into the depths of this fine article( I’m cocky, deal with it) we need to talk about Jimmy.

Jimmy was an average kid who turned to alcohol at 16 and progressing to try every kind of drug he could think of. Cocaine, brown sugar, heroin, weed, cigarettes, you name it and rest assured, he’s probably done it. As Jimmy grew, so did his drug problem. Understandably so, his life went down the toilet.

Addicts are regularly stigmatized in our society. ‘’Ooh, watch out! He does drugs. Better keep away from him’’. But fuck it, I’m going to rattle some feathers here and suggest we’re all addicts.

Whether it’s the feeling of numbing away your pain by washing your teeth with a bottle of Jack, or chasing one girl after another by using love as an escape, or the high that moral righteousness provides, we’re addicted to the dopamine.We crave it. We need it. We love it. This will not change. But what we can change is what role we play in getting our highs. There are good highs and there are bad ones. Donating your money to a worthy cause feels good. Standing up for those who have no voice feels good. Helping a stranger feels good. But so does drinking, sleeping around and putting other people down. Jimmy got his kicks through illicit substances and his habits ate his life away. But all of us don’t need to end up like Jimmy. When I was younger, I’d get my highs by seeking validation from the women I dated. The various ways in which women paid attention to me were unconsciously giving me the high of feeling wanted and desired. As you can imagine, that did not turn out well and I constantly felt the need to overcompensate with the women in my life. This went back to my own childhood when I didn’t feel like I got the love I craved. Maybe you have some trauma of your own that’s causing your current behaviors.

Different people get their highs in different ways. Some of you might be addicted to some substances or a person or a position. But it’s important to ask ourselves whether the thing that gives us our hit of dopamine is good for us and ideally choose a better poison or we could just stay addicted. Until, we cannot.

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