One of the questions that are asked more often by new investors in cryptocurrencies is

how do I start investing in Bitcoin or other crypto?

We are here to help you find an answer to this question.

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How to buy Bitcoin? A quick start guide

First of all you will need an account on one exchange that accepts fiat and sells cryptocurrencies.

What does fiat mean? Fiat is regual money (EUR, USD…)

There are many exchanges that do so; here is a list of some of famous ones:

but there are also many others.

Notice that usually exchanges require you to confirm your identity before starting…

TL; DR; this is a quick guide to start using our Chirality Bot Alerts; for those who don’t know us yet, we have developed an algorithm that sends you an email when it’s time to buy or sell your favourite cryptocurrencies (more info here).


First, register a new account at
When you register, you will have to confirm your account by clicking on the link you’ve received in the email you have provided.
Check your inbox, confirm that you want to register, and you can then perform your first access at

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Registration at

Once you have performed your first access…

TL; DR; We’ve just released the Beta Version of Chirality Bot, a bot that sends you email when you are supposed to buy or sell your favourite cryptocurrencies.
It is in Beta, and it’s free for all right now, and you can try it at

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Chirality Bot — Personal Dashboard

Long Version

We’re very proud to announce the release of the Beta Version of our baby, Chirality Bot!
Register now for free!

Chirality Bot sends you an email telling you when it’s time to buy or sell your Bitcoins (more cryptocurrencies to come). …

Chirality IT

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