Introducing Chirality Bot, a bot that tells you when to invest in Crypto

TL; DR; We’ve just released the Beta Version of Chirality Bot, a bot that sends you email when you are supposed to buy or sell your favourite cryptocurrencies.
It is in Beta, and it’s free for all right now, and you can try it at

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Chirality Bot — Personal Dashboard

Long Version

We’re very proud to announce the release of the Beta Version of our baby, Chirality Bot!
Register now for free!

Chirality Bot sends you an email telling you when it’s time to buy or sell your Bitcoins (more cryptocurrencies to come).
We have an Agile team and we have a public roadmap, that we’re sharing with you, and we’re looking for feedbacks and suggestions from you all.

This is our project:

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Chirality Bot — Our Roadmap

We have already some users that joined us for the Alpha version, and all our team is using the product.
And now, let’s get to the answers to the FAQ from our first users.


What does Chirality Bot do?

If you are a registered user, it tells you via email when it’s time to buy/sell your favourite cryptocurrencies at any time (24/7, because the markets don’t sleep).
Now we are in free Beta version, so there’s just one cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), but more will come and users will be free to follow and unfollow them at any time.
We will also have polls to let our users decide what will the next cryptocurrency be.

How does it do it?

With a proprietary algorithm that tries to forecast the future value of the coin.
It takes into account volumes, price and a couple of other financial indicators; then it combines and elaborates them and waits a bit to try to understand whether you are or not in ATH or in a global minimum, then it send you an email with sell/buy decision.

Why should I use a bot that tells me when to invest?

Let’s face it. Crypto world is very hot right now, both for IT professionals and everybody else.
The problem is that most people do not have so much time to invest in studying the market, because if it is not in their daily job description, they are all too busy to do that, and this causes mistakes.
Also, the cryptocurrencies market behaves like an immature market, with a lot of emotional investors and malicious schemes that are not possible in other regulated markets (example: pumps and dumps).
So what should you do? You should trust an algorithm that has no emotions or feelings whatsoever and that takes into account only logical and predefined variables when making investment decisions.
Thinking about all that, we’ve created an algorithm that takes into account a lot of interesting variables, and then decides what to do (buy/sell) without putting emotions into the balance.
And if you register to our website,, it sends you an email with the decision, for free (it’s in Beta now).
Then you do what you want to do (invest? Delete the email? Your choice. Nobody forces you to do anything).

What should you do with the sell/buy decision of Chirality Bot?

Whatever you want. It is our personal view of how to invest our finances. In our experience in the last months, it won’t probably give you a 10000% return, but it will maximise your minimum gains and minimise your maximum losses and will help you understand when it’s the best time to invest.
It is not investment advice, it’s just what a team of strangers is doing with their money, and you can decide to track it all down in an Excel file to compute actual returns in the time period you like before even thinking to invest according to it.
In fact, we suggest that before you invest in ANYTHING according to what somebody else is doing, you always check if what they’re doing works, and that you do never invest more than you’re willing to lose, as this is a very risky market.
Once said that, if you are willing to invest according to our algorithm, it is your decision. It was our decision as well, and we’re quite happy with it, so happy that we decided to share Chirality Bot with the world.

Why shouldn’t I just Hodl?

Let’s explain what hodling (holding) means: it means just investing in what you believe in, and not take a second look at the market price, because you believe in the idea.
We are big fans of hodling as well, and we are not suggesting you to day trade in every trash coin that you see, but we use the following tactic for ourselves: we choose a coin we believe into; then, we apply Chirality Bot suggestions, and most of the time we are able to buy back more of that coin, without investing any more fiat into it. So we are actually increasing our hodling of what we believe in with Chirality Bot!

Who are we?

We are a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, that studied the market and had no time to keep watching it countinuosly during all day because we’re very busy (as you all are).
So, after a long and thorough analysis, we decided once and for all the logical characteristics that a decision to buy/sell should have, and we put that into an algorithm, and we’ve followed that to make logical investment decisions.
We are not financial advisors, this is just the algorithm that we use for ourselves, and we believe in it because it reflects our personal values (but, you know, sharing is caring, so you are free to test it for yourself).

What is ATH?

All Time High; it’s when a crypto get to the highest value ever till that moment. Crypto investing world is full of acronyms like that, or like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). If you have questions on some of that, please ask us and we will be happy to answer to you.

Thank you for reading so far! As a prize, you can send us an email or tweet something to us and suggest us the next cryptocurrency we will add before we open the public poll!
This is our contact:

Twitter: @Chirality_it

Thank you, and… Hodl1!1!

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