Who determines your worth?

The fact that others hold you in high regard or condemn you does not determine your worth. This is the case by default. However, if you determine your worth by how others perceive you, then the perception or opinion of others about you becomes important and not just important but so important that it determines your worth. However, you can choose otherwise. You can choose the default case. You can choose to not let other’s opinion determine your worth.

However, remember that not letting other’s opinion determine your worth means giving up on a high or pleasure that you experience when others judge you positively. In those moments, you want to let others determine your worth because they are determining your worth highly, probably more than you yourself determine. But both sides of the coin go together. If you let others determine your worth in these cases, you also let them determine your worth in all other cases too, including the cases when they criticize you or hold you in poor regard. In such moments, you want to have control on your worth back. However, you can’t be inconsistent. Either you let others determine your worth or you don’t. You can’t be choosy about the cases.

Therefore, the best option, in my opinion, is to take the power away from others to determine your worth. Only you should be able to determine your worth, not anyone else. But then a question arises, how will you determine your worth without the opinions of others? That’s a question worth pondering. That’s a question worth all your time. If this question becomes a central question in your life, it means you have evolved significantly in your life, way above the crowd who have let others determine their value.