Thoughts on this Primary Day -New York

Lawn sign outside my house!

All my life, politics, policy and elections have been things I have been passionate about! It did not matter if my career interests changed, or I was distracted with college or in the Peace Corps, I always made sure I voted in every primary or election. (Of course, I may have missed a few during the Peace Corps)

This is the first time in my life that my vote counts more than ever. Having voted in mostly ‘Blue’ States, this year has been very exciting since my vote can make a difference(In theory every vote makes a difference)

Thought one: Primaries should be closed

There is a voracious debate about primaries being open or closed. Many who support Bernie Sanders are upset that they cannot vote for him since they never registered with the Democratic Party. Though I think everyone’s voice is important in this case, this is an internal vote within the Democratic Party. Therefore, I have no sympathy to those who complain. I say get involved, the more you get involved in one of the parties, the more say you have.

To be the most effective change maker is to first participate in the political process, second learn the present rules of the game, finally vote and speak up!

Thought two: Big money in Politics sucks but…..

Corporations contributing Billions of dollars into campaigns is not a good thing. I would not want the company I work for to contribute money to a candidate I did not like. This actual contribution would imply I was supportive of said candidate. If the employees and/or owners want to use their own money and contribute that is fine. if George Clooney wants to raise money for Hillary by asking all his wealthy friends to contribute than he and his friends have every right too.

What bothers me more about big money is that it dissuades the average citizen to run for office. They see how much money they would need and it’s intimidating (I am!). After all, not everyone has access to George Clooney (I wish I did!).

In the end, I think there needs to be a system in place where the level of your contribution does not equal the level of your influence.

Thought three: Hillary is the most qualified

Yes, I will be voting for Hillary! #ImWithHer. My Dad(he has no choice!)will, my mom would but being stubbornly independent realized that maybe she should have registered as a Democrat! (She loves Hillary and wants to see her win!) My Aunt is voting too.

Beyond being qualified there is something else that is very important: Being able to build positive relationships. Hillary seems to have done this despite being a woman in a male-dominated profession.

In order to get anything done, relationships are key. Not the quid pro quo type but the generous type.

Hillary seems to have been generous regardless if she thought she could get something from you. I cannot say that for sure but it is very apparent when most of the Democrats have endorsed her when they do not need too.

Bernie, on the other hand, spent many years in Congress and only has a handful of supporters.

Relationships are important when you are President, having the largest crowds of supporters does not mean you will be an effective President.

Final Thought: Vote!

Whether you disagree with me or not it is crucial to participate in this important political process the Primary! Your voice needs to be heard.

Everyone has something to bring to this table we call the United States of America!