Back in the day. We had heroes.

People have given up on other people. Where I come from, the earth is wet with perspiration from the blasting rays of the sun. The heavy moist wind doesn’t help. But people there, they are easy going and live in their own bubble, creating these yellowed out pictures of old albums.

Yet they tell a different story today. People have become intolerant, rigid. People don’t want to hear others. People, people have become dangerous.

We don’t need supervillains anymore. The minions have grown up to be bosses. We have grown dark, grown tentacles, grown dark.

The heroes have long gone. Their capes were stored in the museum, but then one morning we decided that the world didn’t belong to the heroes anymore. And we had thrown them out.

The Justice League. The Avengers. Heroes that stood the test of time have disappeared. Mass graves have grown in places where the Hall of Justice once stood.

Our earth didn’t get invaded by Darkseid, or Thanos. We raided our own homes, and destroyed whatever we held dear. The heroes had just perished, just like in the final battle of Ragnarok.

Back in the day.

We had Heroes.