I say a little Prayer for you

A Child’s Prayer resonates with the Universe

We often used to hear our grandparents say that when children pray, the prayers are answered sooner and make way for miracles too.

Have you ever wondered why?

We have always given a very spiritual reasoning to prayers. But, Prayers are a blend of this very strong cultural continuity brimming with core positive energy created and flowing from inside us to the one we pray for and then simultaneously to everyone making the world around us.

A Prayer can be visualized as a natural thriving tree with branches of science, psychology, metaphysics, spirituality and an unknown powerful intervention.

There is sufficient evidence that collective prayers from random locations have brought in the required miracle. This is mostly been given the reasoning of being brought about due to the common state of consciousness in people even if they are far apart.

In our superfast life, we rarely find time to complete our basic routines. And so Prayer seems a distant goal set for sometime later when we can go to our respective spiritual destinations on a weekend.

Prayer especially for us working families has become another ‘things to do’ entry in our organizer or calendar. And it stays almost last on our priority until its time to ring the bell with our need for instant gratification. We become children in front of our supreme divine, the moment we have some impending need for growth or some risk which needs immediate removal. Imagine, if we as adults can behave with such childish squirms during times of qualms; what about children who are just learning to understand their role in the cycle of life?

But, the truth is also that many of us have not built the habit of praying into our daily life, tagging it as traditional, old school or not our cup of tea.

This is also because with time, “raising children” has been replaced by the term “Parenting” which is the modernistic take on what has been experienced in a loop for ever.

With time indeed there are some very high red flag areas of concern because of the competition, online exposure, lack of time in family life and increasing crime against children because of psychological stress factors. But, these issues need planned interventions from several sections of the society. No point taking everything extremely seriously and losing touch with our cultural roots which are still being researched even with so much modernity.

The power of prayers have not been decoded yet, but, they have proved their efficacy with pure manifestation.

There are seven steps to attain the efficacy of prayer from a metaphysics and spiritual angle starting with:

1. Humbleness to the greater powers of the universe

2. Alignment of the mind-body-soul trinity and bringing in channelized attitude

3. Direction towards the sole purpose with encompassing conscious state

4. Exchange of qualities as an offering or giving up something in return to the fulfillment of our intentions.

5. Gratitude is the highest form of thankfulness even before the favour is done

6. Resonance creates the time and space which helps us visually the energy in its bounty

7. Acceptance and contentedness comes in and we should keep all our energy channels open to be the receiver.

From a scientific and psychological framework, prayers could be defined as an intervention between your internal and external self in synergy with the universal elements.

It gets more simple, logical and practical to attain the efficacy of the prayers here as compared to the metaphysics and spiritual route, but, surprisingly they come with the same results.

Just follow these deliberations over a long regular period of time for maximum results.

1. Cultivate the habit of Self-talk in children. When we tell them our soul needs a listener at times. It does the trick of also loving oneself deeply.

2. When they arrive at Self-realization, tell them that they can express it through creative mediums of drawing, writing, singing, dancing or acting out as a skit.

3. Building Compassion. You have to show them this with little acts of kindness.

4. Empathy steps in here with higher state of consciousness on what others are feeling too.

5. Mindfulness comes through with knowing of self and others.

6. The child comes to be socially acceptable of all humanity and emotionally intelligent to open synapses in the brain and connect it to chords of the heart.

Since a child’s mind and heart is much lighter with lesser complicated thoughts and feelings, a child’s prayer finds its universal commonality at all the above six levels much quickly and echoes back with an healing interconnectedness.

To break the complication of the subject of praying, you can explain Prayer to your children as “a two-way wireless communication medium between them and the best of what the world needs”.

Create the space and daily five minute time shift and start by saying..

“I say a little prayer for you!”

Show them and they will follow.

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