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Ask any traveller on the road, and he or she would definitely remark how travelling is rewarding because of the happiness it brings.

For many, travel is the perfect catalyst for happiness as it allows one to be there in person to admire both natural and man-made wonders of the world. This is what makes travel alluring — visiting other countries, taking in the sights and sounds of different societies and cultures; travelling allows you to learn more about the world, and about yourself along the way.

In the winter of 2017, I spent 5 months in America on a student exchange programme, and returned home with great adventures lived, beautiful memories created. Travelling for those wonderful 5 months taught me more about life and most importantly myself, than 2 years in university did. The biggest lesson from travelling was learning how to find happiness in everyday life. It was then it occurred to me — travel not only made me happy, but taught me how to be happy. Here are 4 important takeaways from travelling that continue to guide me in my everyday…



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