Looking to share a ride to Gurgaon oh! Gurugram or Noida ? Here’s what you need…

If long working hours and long distant travel both go on hand in hand, it can create a mess in our lives.The cabs in Delhi are still on a strike and if by luck you find a cab, the SURGE PRICING will kill you. The traffic is already beating the s***t out of us. What do we do ? How do we reach work on time.

Use Public Transport

The best is already there for us but we are humans, we tend to take shortcuts that don’t prove so short in the long term.
 Buses and the Delhi Metro are so well connected now but we don’t want to use them because of the pride. On the contrary, it will always drop us to our destination ON TIME .

Take the metro or bus to Noida , Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Delhi, NCR.

Live closer to Work

I’ts always the best to live next to your work place.

*Saves time
*Saves work pressure 
*Saves energy
*Saves money
*Reduces carbon footprint ( If you care about your environment)

Carpool/ Share a ride

Pool My Ride is the app that is available on the app store Globally and you can download if for free (ios and android).
Yes, you heard it right! It will help you find people going to a specific destination at a specific time.

You can search carpool, like…

  1. Delhi to Jaipur
  2. Delhi to Chandigarh
  3. Noida to Faridabad
  4. Delhi to Nodia
  5. Delhi to NCR
  6. Delhi to Gurugram
  7. Delhi to Ghaziabad ….etc. etc.

It’s very easy just log on to the app and find people to share your ride with. Download the carpooling/ ride-sharing app and help reduce traffic on roads.

You are the traffic!!