Pool My Ride : Where Employees carpool.

Team Pool My Ride is happy to announce that 1001 Companies have been registered with them. That is some amazing news for the team to share as they have set a new benchmark in the carpool domain.

“Company Carpool”

This is a unique feature in Pool My Ride, it allows users to register under the company email id and check for other users within their company with full discretion. How discretion??Users can create carpools from a source to destination with an option to be visible only in “My Company.”

This is how the feature helps you on road….

It’s Wonderful how mobile apps are making life easier and efficient. Daily Commute was never so easy but with apps like Pool My Ride, long boring office rides have become comfortable and efficient.The Government of Delhi has indulged heavily in propagating carpooling as a lifestyle and making the masses aware of its gains. Much thanks to the Delhi Odd-Even plan also, users have adapted CARPOOLING as a lifestyle with paying attention to rising pollution crisis as well.

The best part of PMR is the app is completely Free (no hidden costs) unlike other carpool apps like PoolCircle and O-rahi and also PMR is not Uber. Ola and Uber have also come up with their pooling feature but its not affordable for daily use. The surge pricing, the availability of cab on that moment, interstate travel is yet a problem to be solved. With Pool My Ride, users can actually plan their trips earlier and post it on the app a week before, a day before or even on the same day. They are focusing more on intra-city travel to solve the traffic problem.

“RIDE NOW” feature allows users to find carpools nearby at that specific moment, in real-time. The Team claims to be learning new techniques and inculcating the new ideas in every update of the app to make the app more user-friendly. They have received many emails and feedback calls on the number and email mentioned in the FAQ section. They are proud that users connect and give suggestions and there suggestions become the next update for their app.

Image 1 : Home screen, Image 2: Ride Now

The PMR mobile app has had over 100 updates till now proving each time that they are listening to the customers and are one step ahead of other carpooling/ ride-sharing applications. Companies have now to pay attention to create a carpooling system in their organization other than arranging cabs for their employees which will actually save parking space, hassle of cab-management and also reduce the burden on roads by not adding more cars.

What people think after downloading and using Pool My Ride….. See Below:

The Motto of Pool My Ride : “We are not adding more cars on the road..We are trying to connect people on one platform for easy commute.”