Which five cities in India have never stopped to carpool…?

The Delhi Odd- Even plan came with a big bang and went away with a bigger bang, the residue that left was a good lesson, which is, each one of us have to do our part to solve the traffic congestion on roads. Also in the ashes emerged the term “carpooling” mainly because it was repeated over and over again on radio and on the walls, all over Delhi.

Many other cities learned a lesson from Delhi and started carpooling which was as such was something new for the Indian society. Thanks to Delhi odd even Plan, many free Ride-sharing applications earned a lot of attention. The one that gained the maximum attention was Pool My Ride, this app is free of cost and allows users to see who is traveling nearby.

Let’s see which other cities other than Delhi have contributed in sharing rides and reducing the burden on roads.

Mumbai- City of Rains , traffic and trains has also been indulging in carpooling activity more than any other city. The pollution level is also a factor to avoid cars.

Noida- NCR has always been in a congested state due to the new infrastructure and rising population.This city has also been a great part in trying to ease the traffic by using shared cabs and other carpooling solutions.

Gurugram- This electronic city in NCR, has been a hub for traffic jams and congestion on roads, but its opting for a user-friendly carpooling solution, Pool My Ride.

Bengaluru- Ahaa! Our favorite city in India, the Silicon Valley of India. The traffic and good technology has convinced the techies to come on carpooling platforms to avoid traffic and long hours to work in this huge deccan region. Pool My Ride is seeing a lot of traffic form this city.

Hyderabad- This city has taken everyone by surprise, many carpools on Pool My Ride are being searched and used in Hyderabad. WAY TO GO….!

Being a Global App, PMR has a got a lot of users in the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, U..A.E. etc. So, let us try to do our part and make our city cleaner and greener.