The Blockchain’s Great Power Shift… to us. Welcome to our weird future. Editorial

Magnificent discussion, y’all, and one that is perfectly timed in terms of the vision and motivation I see in the tech world right now!

Disclaimer of potential bias- I am involved with a Caretaker Node of the IPDB, the Human Data Commons Foundation. However, we established that relationship building upon our genuine, preexisting belief that this is “weird new future” is the direction that decentralized & distributed technology should be moving in.

In other words, we’re intensely excited to see this progress, particularly the collaborative vibe between different organizations. Having followed the trailblazing of Ethereum, and watching Blockstack represented at the Decentralized Web Summit, I’m encouraged that we can all work together side by side.

I try to step back and appreciate what an exciting time we live in — I feel that the ethical and cultural standards we shape now will be akin to the decisions made around software licensing etc back in the 80s hacker days!